G&G vitamins is a family run, UK based supplement brand and manufacturer founded in 1965.  G&G was one of the first in the UK to manufacture multi-vitamins and minerals at a time when supplements were generally low dose and contained only solitary ingredients.  Health and well-being is at the forefront of what we do, so providing the purest high quality, affordable supplements to those who need them is our priority.

As a company, G&G have evolved over their five decades with the health and supplement industry.  With the new research and exciting advances in science that will inevitably change the next five decades, G&G will never forget why David and Sheila started it all fifty years ago – to bring good health and wellbeing to all.


For decades G&G have been manufacturing for many well-known brands on the market, as well as developing and creating their own formulations, with over 120 high-quality products available online for practitioners and the general public.  These include multi-award-winning products such as the Natural Organic Awards and the Janey Lee Grace platinum award for best vitamin.

G&G are confident in the quality of the brand and the manufacturing process which has kept holistic practitioners loyal to the products for decades.


Supplements are manufactured in an ISO Class 8 pharmaceutical cleanroom.  These classifications are awarded based on advanced air analysis, measuring number of particles per square foot of air.  Not only does G&G meet Class 8 standards (one class higher than is necessary for supplement manufacture), the cleaning procedures are so effective that when tested our cleanroom met air quality levels of an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.  The air and temperature levels are automatically controlled with twenty complete air changes every hour.  The factory is based at G&G headquarters where all operations from branding to manufacturing take place.


G&G are proud members of the Health Food Manufacturers Association who certify that G&G is following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  In addition, G&G are certified by the Soil Association for the manufacture of organic products, the Vegetarian Society for the production of vegan and vegetarian products, and AIB International who monitor quality of food production through on-site analysis and tests. G&G have also passed inspections from a number of private and government agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada and Environmental Health.


As one of Britain’s oldest supplement manufacturers, G&G is dedicated to responsible and transparent manufacturing processes.  This includes a low carbon footprint using blue power energy and exclusion of fossil fuels to minimise our effect on the environment.

G&G believe in transparency and clean supplements and primarily produce capsules and powders.  The focus is to provide people with clean, high-quality products without unnecessary heating, excipients and binders.  Formulations that don’t fill the capsule contain only neutral fillers such as steam treated rice flour or plant based alternatives.  This allows you to provide your clients with the supplements that only contain the ingredients that provide benefit to the human body.

The products are never misleading and G&G never make unauthorised health claims.  G&G ensure product labels are easy to understand, and are not written or designed in a way to misrepresent the product contents.

One of the advantages of manufacturing their own brand, is that they are able to keep the price for products down.  Keeping prices honest means that customers get what they pay for at a fair price, with no unnecessary mark-up for women’s products or to offset celebrity endorsements.  Ultimately this means that not only are the products of an exceptionally high quality, but they are affordable too without the need to mislead a high-quality product with a high price.  Keeping costs down in manufacturing also means that G&G don’t cut corners to save money elsewhere.


G&G has 4 HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control point) trained staff members and a HACCP system in place to guarantee the safety of products.  Part of this system includes testing incoming herbal ingredients before use for microbial contamination by an independent lab to ensure they are safe and fit for human consumption and do not contain harmful bacteria.  Ingredients are also checked for other criteria and only get released for production if they conform to all specified criteria.

G&G have a strict quality control procedure in place with our Quality Inspectors performing regular QC checks along the production line to ensure complete compliance to the product specification and accepted quality standards.  Capsules that do not meet the standards are rejected. Documentation of every batch is kept for complete traceability and products are only released after each passes rigorous quality checks.

G&G has a comprehensive Quality Manual with Technical Directives detailing every aspect of production and Quality Assurance which has been implemented by Quality and Production staff.  The Technical Directives and sourcing of ingredients is routinely reviewed.


G&G use a patented Trufil® system to encapsulate the purest products possible.  They can produce over 3.5 million filled capsules per week from our 5 semi-automatic encapsulation machines.  With this advanced encapsulation technology and highly experienced machinists, G&G is able to provide the purest supplements amongst the market.

Practitioner support

Over the course of this year, G&G have rebranded to make products more aesthetically pleasing as well as clearer for practitioners and patients alike.  The new goal is to provide better support for practitioners by providing practitioner data sheets on our products using evidence based literature.


The purity and sustainability of ingredients are of the utmost importance.  If ingredients don’t meet these standards they will not be made.  Sourcing good quality, non-GMO ingredients is a primary focus when formulating.  G&G focus on where raw materials come from, and investigate with extensive research and testing to verify ingredients are what they purport to be.  Pathology, biotransformation, bioavailability, and interactions lead on to formulating the best complexes possible.  G&G don’t just “make supplements”; they create them with care.