Ceramides: Anti-Ageing and the Skin

The appearance and health of the skin is determined by several factors. The weather can either age your skin if there is overexposure to the sun or dry and damage your skin in the winter. The natural ageing process causes production of youthful advocates to decline such as collagen, coq10 and ceramides. 

There are a number of things we can do to slow down the signs of ageing by giving the skin the tools it needs to remain healthy. It’s easy to spend a fortune on topical and surgical treatments over time but beauty from within is also useful. Hydration and diet are the two ways to keep the skin healthy and youthful from within. 

Ceramides benefit the skin from the inside out. Youth and hydration of the skin rely on lipids called ceramides. The ageing process accelerates the loss of ceramides resulting in dry wrinkled skin. Even the winter months can have its toll on ceramide stores.

Plant ceramides help replenish the skins ceramide stores giving the skin moisture from within. Ceramosides (TM) from Seppic is a highly concentrated source from natural gluten free wheat containing DGDG. DGDG stands for digalactosyl diglycerides which are self-emulsifying compounds naturally found in wheat which improves the efficacy of ceramides, both with metabolism and absorption. This source of ceramides is well known and trusted with studies which have shown improvement to elasticity, wrinkles and smoothness. 

The skin can be likened to bricks and cement. The cells are the bricks and lipids cholesterol and fatty acids and ceramides make up the cement between the bricks and play a key role in the barrier function of the skin. With this barrier intake moisture is retained preventing cracks. When ceramides are low water is lost through the cracks leaving the skin dry and wrinkled. Ceramosides(TM) travel through the blood stream to the skin to rebuild the water barrier and replenish the cracks resulting in hydrated plump skin.

Ceramosides(TM) from Seppic is a source we trust as it has been clinically proven to improve the moisture of the skin by more than 16% vs a placebo in as little as 15 days and more than 21% after 2 months. 

Further studies show a reduction of wrinkles in just 2 weeks and skin elasticity improved by more than 18% vs placebo and more than 26% after 2 months. 

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