Charcoal, the pH Scale & Cellulite

Young woman holding orange on light background. Cellulite proble

Why does the body need to be alkaline?

The human body functions properly when it’s slightly alkaline because the blood can absorb more oxygen, a good supply of which is vital to the cells in producing energy. Alkalinity is expressed in the term pH which is a reference to the measure of dissolved hydrogen present. The human body functions best when the pH levels are maintained in a healthy range (7.2 to 7.5) and the various systems in the body work quite hard to maintain this level of alkalinity in the blood. For example, when the pH of the blood falls to an acidic state (below 7.0 pH) the acid waste normally discarded through the body’s elimination routes starts to back up and clog the system.

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To counter this, the human body produces a balancing factor of high alkalinity which is sodium bicarbonate (HCO3). Bicarbonate keeps the blood alkaline and various stomach-lining glands produce mucous that has a pH of 7.7 and contains large quantities (up to 0.5 grams a day) of sodium bicarbonate.

The alkaline tide

Blood leaving the stomach is relatively alkaline, rich in bicarbonates and short of chloride. This alkaline tide circulates around the body where its raised alkalinity helps to reduce any acidosis that has built up.

In 1996 Dr. Lynda Frassetto of the University of California, San Francisco, published a paper showing how bicarbonate levels in human blood vary with age. The average bicarbonate level is fairly constant until the age of 45, after which it noticeably begins to decline. (This is the age when symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, osteoporosis and cancer start to appear.) As the bicarbonate level declines, the acidity of the bloodstream rises and it’s this major swing in the acidity of diet that dramatically shortens life.

Sugar is acidic

In the last 20 years the consumption of sugar in all its forms has skyrocketed and its consumption continues to rise. Sugar is very acid forming and in order to counter this acidic tide, the bicarbonate system, which normally balances a low sugar intake, is forced into overdrive and brought close to continual exhaustion.

Faced with a system where it is essential to maintain a level of reasonably high alkalinity in order to be healthy, the human body adopts a fall-back mechanism.
This mechanism involves shunting acidic toxins into fat which it then deposits in circulation systems outlining regions. These are regions where there is a fairly low blood circulation and virtually no mechanical squeezing. In other words, not on the joints but in those areas of the body which aren’t subjected to much mechanical movement. In this way, fat and, particularly, cellulite build up on and around the buttocks, on the thighs, on the upper arm up to the shoulder, around the waist and on the flanks.

Cellulite is a symptom of this process and is particularly hard to shift if you maintain a diet of high acidity.

Nowadays, with highly processed and deoxygenated foods, sweeteners added to practically everything and a diet with little or no raw food involved, we are 30 years into an epidemic of obesity, one of the most embarrassing aspects of which is cellulite.

Even very young children are presenting with cellulite and this is almost entirely caused by the damaging levels of brominated and artificially sweetened soft drinks and their dependence on wheat-based products which are stripped of almost all their vitamins during processing.

The Benefits of C60 Charcoal for Cellulite

It’s highly unlikely in the normal course of the day you would be able to avoid foods which have added sugar, foods which have been de-oxygenated and foods which have been de-vitaminised. Therefore, the only way to counter the acidic surge in modern diet is to remove it from the system using a recently discovered and developed super nutrient which is charcoal containing carbon-60. This charcoal has the unique ability to adsorb over 4,000 different acidic toxins. It binds these toxins to itself in the gut which prevents them from contaminating the bloodstream, allowing it to maintain a much more healthy pH. This function assists the ability of the bloodstream to absorb vital oxygen supplies which are then circulated round the body and used as fuel in all of our living processes in the cells.

By adsorbing acidic toxins, charcoal taken regularly are capable of helping to maintain the correct acid-alkaline balance in the body and to slowly but surely reduce the “toxic reservoirs” of fat held beneath the skin as cellulite.


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