The most nutrient-dense plant on earth

Overhead view of Moringa powder in an earthern pot on dark wooden background


Despite the fact that the knowledge of this wondrous superfood has been around for centuries, Moringa has grown in popularity as the understanding of its beneficial properties are starting to reach the ears of health advocates across the globe.

Moringa is a vastly nutrient-dense plant found in India, Bangladesh and Afganistan. As the leaves contain a high vitamin and mineral content when dried, this ‘miracle plant’ is used in countries such as India and Africa to combat malnutrition.

With regards to the macro and micronutrients that are found in this plant, Moringa contains at least:

3x more vitamin A than carrots
7x more vitamin C than in oranges
3x more calcium than in cows milk
7x more potassium than bananas
2x more protein than cows milk

Moringa is rich in flavonoids such as quercetin and kaempferol, isothyocyanates, essential amino acids, caratonoids and phenolic acid. It is a great source of protein and fibre even when compared to other superfood powders such as matcha. To find out just how much you can find in Moringa, click here. 

There have been over 1000 studies and reports attesting to moringa’s health benefits, especially with regards to nutrient deficiencies. Across the globe, moringa has been used in the following ways:

  1. For it’s antioxidant properties
  2. As an anti-inflammatory
  3. Slowing the aging process
  4. With T2 diabetes
  5. Help fight Cancer
  6. In anemia
  7. Digestive disorders such as ulcers
  8. Reduce oxalate kidney stones
  9. Allergies
  10. Hormonal imbalances such as in the menopause
  11. Joint complaints
  12. Help in lactation and breast feeding
  13. Reduce Infections
  14. Reduce blood pressure

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